Hi, I'm SirMrE
I tend to the needs of my supreme emperor overlords ♥
.. and I code things i guess
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What I Do

When I have some spare time I tend to work on things like:

Tools & Apps

I make tools, bots, games.. anything really. Wether it's for Twitch, Discord, TeamSpeak, WoW, EVE or anything else. If it has something to hook into, I just might.

Mods & Hacks

I mod games, most recently in ARMA3, and from time to time cheats/hacks for games. Hate all you want, and rightfully so, I just can't help my curiosity or the challenge.

Mentor / Teaching

I like to help others learn to code. I do this by mentoring and by just being available to answer questions in general. If you are looking for someone to ping-pong questions with, give me a shout or join the discord server!


These are just a small handful of things I have made in my time off. There are stupid, simple and otherwise odd projects in between. I just post some of them here because I can. Some of them might not be finished but here they are:

SQL Injection Demo

Want to learn the basics of SQL Injections?

Path To Power

MUD browser-based game

Is is it Friday yet?

Checks if it's friday or not.


A simple soundboard.

50 Shades of Hex

A silly hex shade generator

Twitch Split Chat

Twtich.tv Chat App

Twitch Tracker

Chrome app for tracking twitch.tv streams.

Supremacy Framework

Arma 3 Multiplayer Sandbox Framework

BDO Gear Calculator

BDOPlanner is based on this one <3.

ESO Colourful MOTD

Make colourful MOTDs in ESO.


The Elder Scrolls Online crafting (Not maintained)

About Me

I work as a senior developer for a company in London. I take in excessive amounts of caffeine and in my spare time I serve my supreme emperor overlords, and code, a lot. What you see on this site is but a small part of random crap I work on when I am home.

Mark "SirMrE" Eliasen