Hi, I'm SirMrE
I tend to the needs of my supreme emperor overlords ♥
.. and I code things i guess
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What I Do

When I have some spare time I tend to work on things like:

Tools & Apps

I make tools, bots, games.. anything really. Wether it's for Twitch, Discord, TeamSpeak, WoW, EVE or anything else. If it has something to hook into, I just might.

Mods & Hacks

I mod games, most recently in ARMA3, and from time to time cheats/hacks for games. Hate all you want, and sure rightfully so, I just can't help my curiosity and I love the challenge. My hacks/cheats are never distributed/sold.

Mentor / Teaching

I like to help others learn to code. I do this by mentoring and by just being available to answer questions in general. If you are looking for someone to ping-pong questions with, give me a shout 👍🏻.


These are just a small handful of things I have made in my time off. There are stupid, simple and otherwise odd projects in between. I just post some of them here because I can. Some of them might not be finished but here they are:

Twitch Prime CD

A simple cooldown app I did for fun, inspired by a request from ttv/summit1g

SQL Injection Demo

Want to learn the basics of SQL Injections? This could be helpful.

Path To Power

MUD browser-based game I made as a project to improve my JS.

Is is it Friday yet?

Checks if it's friday or not.


A simple soundboard.

50 Shades of Hex

A silly hex shade generator

Twitch Split Chat

Twtich.tv chat splitting app

Twitch Tracker

Chrome app for tracking twitch.tv streams.

Supremacy Framework

Arma 3 Multiplayer Sandbox Framework

BDO Gear Calculator

Checkout BDOPlanner, it's based on this.

ESO Colourful MOTD

Make colourful MOTDs in ESO.


The Elder Scrolls Online crafting website (No longer online)

About Me

I work as a senior developer for a company in London. I take in excessive amounts of caffeine and in my spare time I serve my supreme emperor overlords, and code, a lot. What you see on this site is but a small part of random crap and hacks I work on when I am home.

Mark "SirMrE" Eliasen

I have pretty much left "social media", so no Twitter, Facebook, IG or like.